Dubby Cutoff Fixture


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Dubby...the Original Crosscut Sled from In-Line Industries

WOOD Magazine's "Top Sled". There have been a lot of new after-market miter products invented since In-Line Industries introduced the Dubby back in 1987, but none of them has been able to offer the versatility, accuracy, simplicity, safety, and just plain fun of this outstanding product. From panel cutting to absolutely accurate angles on your mitered projects, the Dubby will allow you to make perfect cuts the first time you do them.

image of single dubby working with small pieces

Working with small pieces. No miter gauge on the market can offer you the margin of safety provided by this "sled". The versatile hold-down clamp included with every Dubby will give you an extremely safe way to cut small pieces, and will easily pivot out of the way when you don't need it. With 35 lbs. of hold-down pressure, the clamp will hold small pieces as you cut them with your fingers out of harms way. With the Dubby, one thing you won't be cutting is safety.

image of single dubby with large pieces

Working with large panels. On most full-size saws, the Dubby has the capacity to crosscut panels up to 24" wide x 52" long, and allows you to do them safely. Since the panels don't drag across the table saw top, "walking" of the material is virtually eliminated. This will allow you to cut perfectly square panels for your furniture and cabinet making projects quickly, easily, and accurately.

image of single dubby working with angles

Working with angles. The Dubby angle scale is the simplest, most accurate, and easiest to read scale on the market. Being about 15-20 times more accurate than the average miter gauge, the scale has pre-determined lines for any shape (from 4 to 16 sides) you want to cut, with no calculations, no hassles, and best of all, no test cuts required for perfect results.

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Number Description


Single Dubby Left  Side 
(For Full Size Saws)



Single Dubby Right Side    
(For Full Size Saws)



Deluxe Dubble Dubby Right and Left Side    (For Full Size Saws)