MagJig Applications

The MagJig is an extremely versatile tool.  Think of it as a one sided C-Clamp.  Here are a few of the possible applications using this product.

MagJig Sanding Jig



Sanding Jig - Holds small material in place while you sand.

MagJig Vaccum Holder




Vacuum Holder - Using a standard Drill Press Vacuum Attachment held in place by Magswitch MagJigs

Magjig Cove Jig



Table Saw Cove Cutting Jig - Using 30mm Magjigs to hold the cove cutting jig in place and the Pro

Magjig Holding Dovetail Jig In Place



Tool and Machine Holding - Mount your tool to a 3/4" board install one or more MagJigs to hold your tool or jig in place while you work.