Microjig Grr-Ripper

The GRR-Ripper® precision pusher system also serves as a virtual movable blade guard that the user holds, rather than a blade guard that is affixed to the back of the table saw, or one that hovers above it. The GRR-Ripper® becomes an unyielding barricade between the blade and both of your hands. You would have to remove a conventional blade guard when attempting the cut illustrated in the photo above, regardless of the type of pusher used.

Microjig Gripper
Ripping on Table Saw

Using Grr-Ripper to resaw
Resaw on Table Saw

Using Grr-Ripper on Bandsaw
Resaw on Bandsaw

Using Gripper on Router Table
Slot cutting on Router Table







This video shows the basic consepts of the Micro
Jig Gr-Ripper System and is a portion of the 2 hour instructional DVD from
Micro Jig


The GRRipper feeds the work piece, as the saw blade or router bit passes through either it’s right side or left side tunnel. It uses grooved non-slip pads to feed, grip and hold down your work through the cutting element.


Grr-Ripper 100 Parts

The GRIPPER 100 model is the basic model in the Gripper series. It comes with a 1/4” leg for super thin cuts. Also included are the 1/2” and 3/4” legs. The
3/4” leg is completely adjustable for any width cut.


Grr-Ripper Parts

The Gripper 200 model is the advanced model. It comes with the same great features as the basic model, plus it has an extra leg that can be used to give you extra gripping power for wider stock pieces. The 200 model also comes with the large leveling pad. This pad is primarily used to level your Gripper when cutting small, narrow pieces. Buy a second Gripper so when you have to cut anything longer than 16 inches you have a second GRRipper on hand so you can “daisy chain” your stock through the cutter or blade in a safe and controlled manner. The two packs come with a FREE DVD!

No. Description


Gripper 100 basic model



Gripper 100 two pack with FREE instructional DVD



1368 Gripper 200 advanced model



Gripper 200 two pack with FREE instructional DVD


Grr-Ripper Upgrades and Replacement Legs


Gripper upgrade kit (upgrades your 100 to a 200 advanced model)



Replacement legs (Includes the 1/4”, 1/2” and adjustable center legs)


Extra 1/4” leg attachment

NEW Grr-Ripper 1/8" Leg
1/8" Leg Attachment (attaches outer edge only)

1/8" Leg Attachment & Milled Center Leg(attaches outer edge only)

Note: Gripper models purchased befor 2007 must have the new milled center leg in order to use the 1/8" leg in place of the 1/4" leg.
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