Table Saw Miter Gauge Fence Extension

Miter T Extension Fence

22 inch Miter Fence

22 inch Miter Fence Front anf Back View


The 22'' Miter-T-Fence will improve work support close to the blade and will work on the left side or right side of your saw.The adjustable extruded aluminum fence increases the face of your miter gauge or miter saw and has a built in extension bar to increase the stop capacity to 36''. This fence can also be put onto your Miter saw for perfect repetitive cuts and a better extension. The fence can be easily taken on and off either tool to switch back and forth between tools. The 48'' fence is designed for your miter saw with a built in extension capacity of 86''. This fence can be used in conjunction with the 22'' fence to give your miter saw a fence for both sides for the ultimate fence system your shop will ever know.

Both fences include a stop block for the repetitive cuts and appropriate knobs and bolts for easy mounting on and off your various tools.



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22" Miter Fence
48" Miter Fence
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